The New Way to teach AND LEARN TO play Lacrosse!

One of our clinics this weekend, they were lean but mean! And ready to learn.

This was on a recent school order and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


Delaware SHAPE Conference.  DAHERD  Tammy purchased a set from us a year ago.  Here’s  what she thought about Lacsal.

And her sticks…

We went up to West Genesse High School and got the kids playing…

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Your PE Teaching Lacsal Set.

Every school class is different, we have sold sets of 25 sticks up to 260 in California.  email us per your specific requirement for  your class size and we will give you a quote.


Why we did it?   We want more kids to be able to experience “lacrosse”.   The sport is too expensive for entry for 73% of the population.   Soft stick is not a good way and it is the only way.  Speed Lacrosse is completely different.

“lots of touches” in game play.

How we did it?  And why we did it!   Here is our intro video!

New nylon heads.    New NON-bounce Balls.   New rules.  New curriculum.

What are we replacing:  Soft Stick,

Which has been around for years, and 99% of PE Professionals think that it “discourages” kids from taking up the sport of lacrosse.   Our head is more “lacrosse” like.  Our ball is totally different new and it is easier to catch and throw will our new stick/ball.

These have been around for years and almost every PE Professional hates them.   Ask Mary:

What is happening at Lacsal?

  • We had a Lacsal Show and Tell at West Genesse High School in Camillus, NY.  A bunch of kids participated, it was our attempt to Show Coach Mike Messere our new game.  He knows about PE teaching and lacrosse (most wins by a HS coach in the county!)  Here is what he thought.
  • Coach Messere Lacsal 2
  • This is what he had to say afterwards:  “Our kids adapted very quickly to the sticks, rules and the fast paced play of the game of Lacsal. It promoted team play and lots of off ball movement.  If we didn’t stop them they would still be playing. Lacsal is a safe game that can be played at all levels, boys girls and co-ed. Great activity for Physical Education classes and for an inexpensive introduction to the game of lacrosse. The stick is very close to a regular stick. The Bamshaft gives you excellent control and the head and mesh pocket allows you to catch and throw effectively right away.
  • I see Lacsal as giant step toward a positive experience for kids and adults in the promotion and the development of our game of Lacrosse.”

From the Mountain Top:

We are a growing lacrosse program in a non traditional lacrosse area in Northeast PA.  A lot of parents have contacted us because their children were interested in playing lacrosse, but because they weren’t knowledgeable about the game they didn’t want to invest in the equipment to get started.  Fortunately, we ran into Paul at the US lacrosse convention a couple years ago and added a mini sticks program using LACSAL.  We are now entering our second year with the program and have added several players, starting even at the pre K level, that have joined our program because the parents were now willing to take the leap with a smaller investment.  The best part is that the kids are having so much fun, our older players see this and want us to add some type of additional LACSAL program for all ages just so they can play more!  The wooden shafts have been an added bonus as we also get to talk about the history and really teach them to love and respect the game.

Aaron Caporuscio

Mountain Top Area Lacrosse Association

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