Philosophy of Lacsal!

Why Lacsal?   There has never been a good way to introduce kids to the sport/basics of Lacrosse.

Soft stick, around for years, is hated by all PE professionals that have ever used it.


A new way to teach at the PE level the basics of the sport of Lacrosse.  We make it easy to learn,  for the very beginner.  Easy to learn, with directions to scoop, catch, throw, etc.

Or a great way to keep lacrosse players active in the off season,  practicing the skill sets needed in real lacrosse, precision passing and throwing and catching.   PRECISION!  PRECISION! PRECISION!

We wanted the best way to learn the sport of lacrosse.

We wanted a game that can be played at any age.

Lacsal is an entirely different game than men’s lacrosse, girls’ lacrosse, or indoor/box lacrosse.

We like to think that we have incorporated all of the aspects of the three sports into one incredible game in which any age or gender can participate.

There is more action in Lacsal than field lacrosse, but the game is not rough.  There is no checking.

It incorporates the speed and finesse of basketball into the beauty and fluidity of girl’s lacrosse.

It encourages people who previously could not afford the pads or field time of outdoor or indoor lacrosse, and provides them with the capability to participate in the game that we all love. It is safer than any form of boys’ lacrosse because swing checking and full contact are completely disallowed. The team that hustles the most for the ball and has the best stick work will almost always win. It encourages endurance because at a very minimum both teams will run up and down the court numerous times.  A team is rewarded for both good defense and good offense, because in order to win you must score. Coed teams are completely encouraged; the nature of the game inherently appeals to all ages and both genders.

The international capabilities are impossible to comprehend. This enables people from all different countries who do not have a lacrosse background to create their own style. We tried to keep the game simple and relatively uninhibited by complex rules.

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Easy to teach Lacrosse