The Lacsal Goals

The goals are made of laminated bamboo.  Very strong and durable.

Goals measure 34″ wide by 37″ high.  37″ deep.

Goals are square, 1 13/16″ thick bamboo, almost 2″ thick.

For easy storage, just unscrew the two bottom front wing nuts, and lay the top piece on the bottom piece.   You do not have to touch the mesh.  Easy to set in the garage, gym storage area or in your car.

For using the goal on a gym floor, put the soft side down.   For outdoors on grass, put the wing nut down so the goal will hold in place.

The 6 pieces of bamboo (the frame) and hardware, mesh and velcro come in one box.

LACSAL 8 (1024x683)
Mesh netting comes with 15 pieces of velcro that fasten the mesh to the goals

LACSAL 7 (1024x683)



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